We are living in an age where the need for an optimal customer experience is clearer than ever.

Modern technology offers many opportunities to enrich the experience even further, especially since it is developing at breakneck speed. But what will customer experience look like in, say, four years from now?

According to Retail Industry Gurus’ “the Future Customer Experience will include Digital Assistants everywhere BUT the Human Touch shall retain its VALUE! Brick-and-Mortar stores will need to think even more about their relevance. The good news is that technology offers countless opportunities to give a tremendous boost to the shopping experience. In
the future, physical shopping will be a true experience thanks to sensors, touch screens and beacons. The only hurdle here is creativity.

Service Providers, in order to align and maintain their relevance to Large Retailers and its Customer Service and Product Innovation – will face the imposition of recurring strategic rationalisation. This will re-arrange the industry and separate Ordinary run of the mill Service Providers to high performance, multi-dimensional Preferred Service Providers – that will form the cornerstone of an integral Supply Chain.

The Future Customer Experience demands a New Breed of Service Providers